About the Centre

The Centre of Global South Asian Studies is a trans-disciplinary research centre that facilitates research and teaching on South Asia at the University of Copenhagen. The Centre does not confine itself to the study of the region, rather explores the historical and contemporary connections within the Global South that underpin the modern formations of society, culture and politics within South Asia and its diaspora.

CGSAS is located at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (TORS) at the University of Copenhagen. It draws researchers from across the faculties of social sciences and humanities.

The centre is engaged in a research programme on 'Emerging Worlds'. ‘Emerging Worlds’ is a collective research program aimed at exploring the yet unfolding South-South connections between Asia, Africa and Latin America. The program is funded by the Danish Independent Research Council (2014-2019).

You can read about our previous research programme 'New India', which is now finished if you click here

The centre is led by Associate Professor Ravinder Kaur.