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History Inside Globalization - Spatial Power and Inequity in Asia

Public lecture by Professor David Ludden.

David Ludden is Professor of Political Economy and Globalization and Chair of the Department of History at New York University. He has also chairs the South Asia program at the New York University. He has previously steered the South Asia programs at the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) and the Fulbright Senior Scholars program. In 2002, he served as President of the Association for Asian Studies.

His publications include four edited volumes, three monographs, and dozens of academic articles and chapters. The overarching theme of his publications is the comparative history of capitalism, particularly in agrarian settings and as it concerns inequality, poverty, conflict, and social movements. His current writing is slowly adding up to a book that is now called History Inside Globalization: Spatial Power and Inequity in Asia, which focuses on the reproduction and transformation of imperial forms of knowledge, power, authority, and inequity inside the world of nations under globalisation.