Decolonising “Primary Accumulation” from the histories of the Global South

Lecture by Indrani Chatterjee, University of Texas, Austin

Professor Chatterjee teaches history at UT Austin, and is the author of Gender, Slavery and the Law in Colonial India (1999), and of Forgotten Friends: Monks, Marriages and Memories of Northeast India (2013) editor of Unfamiliar Relations: Family and History in South Asia (2004), coeditor of Slavery and South Asian History (2007).  Her long term research and teaching focus has been on slavery and South Asian history, the gender of South Asian pasts, Early Modernity in the subcontinent, and the Power of Performance.   Her current work draws attention to both intellectual and economic histories of the subcontinent. In particular, she is interested in the ways in which wealth travelled between and within monastic lineages in the past. Having worked on the ways in which monastic governmentality was forgotten in Indian historiography by the early decades of the twentieth century, she is currently revisiting the costs of such forgetting to women's wealth in eastern India.