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Dissertation Workshop: Ethnography of Connections

The workshop critically addresses a number of questions related to new emerging south-south connections in an increasingly globalized world. As scholarly attention increasingly shifts to themes of commodification, supply chains, capital investments, extractive economies, transnational assemblages, labor movement and global policy regimes of a variety, fieldwork requires following networks that sometimes connect unlikely places and actors together. This one-day workshop will rethink theory and methods required to study connections.

Please send a short CV + outline of your thesis. You will be required to send one chapter of your dissertation a week before the workshop.

Deadline for applications: 20th October 2017
Deadline for chapter submission: 13th November 2017

Contact:  Bani Gill mcd434@hum.ku.dk

Resource Persons

Christian Lund is Professor of Development, Resource Management, and Governance, at the Department of Food and Resource Economics, at Copenhagen University. He directs a five year ERC Advanced Grant project ‘Rule and Rupture’. The interdisciplinary research programme aims to investigate how political authority is constituted after moments of rupture. The focus is on the global south.

Shankar Ramaswami is Lecturer in South Asian Studies, Harvard University. His research area is transnational labor histories, migrant worker’s work experiences, and manifold social worlds.  

Ravinder Kaur is Associate Professor of Modern South Asian Studies, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen. She currently directs a FKK five-year research programme ‘Emerging Worlds: Ethnographic explorations of new South-South Connections.