States of Democracy - Some Perspectives from India – University of Copenhagen

States of Democracy - Some Perspectives from India

Centre for Global South Asian Studies is pleased to invite you to a public lecture  by Dr. Aniket Alam

Aniket Alam, short introduction

Aniket Alam is the executive editor of the Economic & Political Weekly, an independent journal of social science research and public policy debate based in Mumbai, India. He has done his university education in History and has a PhD for his research on the history of the Western Himalayas. His book, Becoming India: Western Himalayas under Colonial Rule is based on this research and has been published in 2008.

He has been a journalist with The Hindu newspaper in Hyderabad, has worked with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and with Panos International in New Delhi on international development cooperation and has been a newspaper columnist too. In university he was a leftwing student activist and even though he is not politically active anymore, he likes to think of himself as a verbal warrior for the left.

He has published writings on politics, history and culture and blogs occasionally on