8 October 2018

New Publication: Bāteṁ. Kommunikative grammatiklektioner for hindistuderende I.

Elmar Renner and Vipul Goswami have published a Hindi textbook. The book is the outcome of a series of Hindi beginners' courses taught at Copenhagen University.

The textbook provides material for communicative language lessons in a Hindi classroom. The target group are learners without previous knowledge. Though it follows a structural progression, it consistently applies the communicative approach of language teaching, which so far has been implemented mainly in the teaching of modern European languages. It thus aims at filling a gap in the field of Hindi teaching so far dominated by grammar-translation based teaching material.

The scope of the book is to provide teaching activities for training learners to actively communicate in Hindi at the A1.1 proficiency level of the CEFR.  This is the frist volume of a course that ultimately leads to the B1 level of the CEFR. Further volumes are in preparation.